H ave you ever listened to the sounds of birds? The sounds emanating from his wings as he floats in the sky; It reminds us of the lyrical and mystical character of the Neva maqam. Wings dancing harmoniously; those lyrical and mystical voices whisper to our ears from the depths of the sky. The Neva maqam captivates the human being with the power and power under the wings that increase as it rises to the skies. Just like Mustafa Kemal's desire to establish the Meclis-i Mebusa in Ankara, where he dreamed of gathering the voices of wings.

In the 1920s, Ankara was the most suitable place to manage the ongoing operation in Anatolia. By gathering all the members of the Parliament in the closed assembly, he once again revealed the power and might of the Turkish Nation. The whole world should have heard these lyrical and mystical Neva voices.

Here we are The Wings Hotels Neva Palace; We designed one side with inspiration from the subtleties of the lyrical and mystical voices of the Neva maqam, produced by those magnificent wings, and the other from the magnificent Assembly, which defied history and wrote a new history.

As soon as you step into our hotel, you will feel the traces of our long-established history in every corner of the details of modernized touches. Just like the birds flapping their wings against the magnificent blue skies by dispersing the sad gray of Ankara. These wings inspire us along the corridors; It will accompany you to your room like the sounds in the Neva maqam.

As soon as you step out of The Wings Hotels Neva Palace, you are in the center of Ankara. You will be able to reach the most trendy eating, drinking and entertainment venues with a pleasant walk without getting tired. First of all, you can start your trip by visiting Anıtkabir, which the whole world has come to Ankara to see, and its museums that tell the whole depth of history. Afterwards, you can stop at Seğmenler Park, Kuğulu Park, Eymir Lake and Botanical Park where you can be in touch with nature and sip your tea with Ankara Simidi. Historical view; The iconic Ankara Castle and Atakule will add unforgettable views to your journey. The Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, Kocatepe Mosque and Evliya Tombs, which give you peace of mind with their minarets that spread to the blue of the sky, will be the last pleasures of your trip.

For all these insatiable pleasures, we will be happy to host you at The Wings Hotels Neva Palas.


Esat cad. No: 32 Küçükesat
06660 Çankaya/ANKARA


+90 (312) 419 58 88




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